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Be good to yourself.  You must nourish to flourish.

In-Home: Somatic Movement Therapy Session

If you suffer from: migraines, frozen shoulder, low back, pelvic or hip pain OR if you are recovering from an injury or surgery OR if you are anxious, chronically stressed, have ongoing unresolved trauma OR if you suffer from systemic conditions of the nerves, lymphatic system or hormones - then somatic therapy can help you. Must live in West Los Angeles or Santa Barbara. (COVID - I will come to you and sessions are masked. I am quadruple vaccinated as of April, 2022 and following COVID safety & hygiene protocols.)
Includes: 90 mins. private in-home session. 
Call me for a Free Consultation #(310) 896-8506 OR Request Consultation below via email.
$ = starts @ $150

Online: Embodiment Coaching Session

Enjoy a live guided self-care support session featuring coaching in: self-touch, self-soothing, somatic movement, stretching, color therapy, crystals & awakening of the senses. Great for relieving: chronic pain in your back, neck or hips, migraines, frozen shoulder & tight muscles. Perfect as part of your self-care routine to alleviate stress, anxiety, balance the emotions & to stimulate creativity & personal growth. Single Session Includes: 60 mins. private session hand tailored to meet your needs (through Zoom).
Call me for a Free Consultation #(310) 896-8506 OR Request Consultation below via email.
$ = starts @ $80

In-Person: Somatic Movement Group Classes
Winter Series: Cultivating the Sacred Feminine
w/ Stephanie Tack & Vanessa Hylande

6 Weekends: November 5 - December 10
November 5 & 6 - Awakening the Divine Feminine
November 12 & 13 - Inner Child Playground
November 19 & 20 - Manifesting Your Dreams & Desires (Live Your Life Purpose)
November 26 & 27 - Grounding & Boundaries
December 3 & 4 - Lean Into Your Intuition & Listen to Your Body Wisdom
December 10 - Full Moon Party "Dancing the Feminine"
Each Weekend Includes: 3 hours Group Somatic Movement Class + 3 hours Creative Movement Play Session.

$ = $20/class (suggested/ no one turned away) Instructions will be emailed to you.

(Once Registration is complete, you will receive an email with Payment Info. Upon payment in full the workshop location will be sent to you with a confirmation of your participation.)